Ghosts'n Demons

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A proper homage to the classic Ghost'n Goblins


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Ghosts'n Demons is a 2D action platformer where you play the mythic knight Sir Arthur, who heads off on an adventure to rescue Princess Prin Prin (as usual), who has been kidnapped by a fearsome demon.

The gameplay is the one everybody knows, identical to that of Ghost'n Goblins. You have to get to the end of each level and defeat the boss in order to keep moving forward in the story, which isn't at all easy. Sir Arthur's armor only resists one blow, and once it's broken, he can only take one more hit.

Although both the enemies and the settings are familiar, they're not identical to those in the original game. Many elements have changed, and the result is an even harder game that requires a lot of skill and patience. In fact, the difficulty level is as old-school as the graphics.

Ghosts'n Demons is an excellent homage to one of the most legendary games of the 80s. This new version preserves the charm of the original, and at the same time offers a new experience that veteran players will definitely love.